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Natural cooling is one of the most common heat dissipation methods. It uses the physical material of the radiator to realize heat exchange, convection, heat radiation and other forms of heat transfer. The heating element discharges heat to the environment through the radiator, reducing the temperature of the heating element, and finally achieves the same spontaneously as the ambient temperature. The process ensures the stable operation of the device while saving energy consumption.
Hetian Precision focuses on the research and development of high-power power electronic heat dissipation technology, and has made major breakthroughs in the field of natural cooling and heat dissipation. Hetian Precision CNC high-density shovel technology, integrated forming, the production of the main structure of the radiator, can completely replace the insert heat dissipation technology, and has the advantages of larger heat dissipation area, efficient thermal conductivity, and higher heat dissipation performance. At the same time, the heat pipe technology is combined to realize the heat conduction of the heating element and accelerate the heat dissipation efficiency.
HeTian Precision natural cooling solution:

Shovel-tooth radiator (AL6061\CU1100)
Shovel radiator + heat pipe technology
Profile radiator + heat pipe technology
Heat pipe radiator
Loop heat pipe radiator

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