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HeTian Precision provide non-standard customized services

Require customers to establish contact with HeTian Precision (through the official website, Alibaba e-commerce platform, industry channels, etc.).
The company will assign pre-sales technical engineers to conduct preliminary communication, identify customers, provide free thermal energy analysis for customers in need, and propose heat dissipation solutions.
After the two parties sign the contract, they will provide detailed cooling system solutions and integration solutions based on customer requirements.
Strong ensurance of service and support

1、Actual simulation
Mature simulation data analysis, using accumulated simulation radiation big data, effectively reduce the error between design and actual performance.
2、Design confirmation
Before engineering prototypes are manufactured, close technical liaison should be conducted to confirm basic information such as design requirements, use environment, and application industries.
3、Engineering samples
On the basis of clarifying the requirements, the engineering samples and the official products adopt the same technical process, the same grade, and the same material and raw materials to ensure that the engineering samples are consistent with the official products.
4、Product inspection
If the engineering samples cannot meet the requirements of the customers, revise the design and re-analyze the thermal energy, or re-confirm the requirements.

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