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Profile radiator

Aluminum radiator

Aluminum radiator was the most common radiator in the early days. With its unique manufacturing process, so far, aluminum radiator still occupies a considerable part of the market.
HeTian Precise is provided with the development and design of aluminum profile radiator, aluminum profile sawing, deep processing (stamping, drilling and milling, CNC numerical control, bending, highlighting, riveting) polishing and wire drawing, etc. Have a number of fully automatic aluminum deep processing equipment.
Aluminum profile radiators are widely used due to their superior performance: SVG, APF, frequency converter, inverter, new energy (charging equipment), new energy (automobile), power supply (induction heating power supply, electroplating power supply, emergency power supply rectification) , Inverter power supply, switching power supply, military power supply, laser power supply, etc.), welding equipment, broadcast communications, instrumentation, control cabinets, power regulators, soft start, LED, electronics, military, railway, aerospace and other fields.

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