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Heat exchanger

The HTAHE series panels heat exchanger is specially designed for the heat dissipation of industrial electrical cabinets and communication cabinets. The independent air circulation inside and outside the cabinet is completely separated through the heat exchanger to transfer the heat from the closed control box to the outside air. It is mainly used for the electronics in the cabinet. Equipment (such as PLC, frequency converter, relay, drive system, communication module) generates heat to dissipate heat when energized.
This product provides an ideal temperature environment for the inside of the electrical cabinet, while isolating dust and corrosive gases in the external environment, extending the service life of electrical components, and improving the reliability of the electrical control system in the cabinet. It has high-efficiency heat exchange capacity, simple structure and convenient maintenance.
Working principle

The heat exchanger is divided into two working cycles inside and outside, and they are isolated from each other to achieve the purpose of waterproof and dustproof. The two cycles exchange heat inside the heat exchanger.
Outer circulation:Outer circulation: The outside cold air enters the heat exchanger of the cabinet through the #1 air inlet, and through the heat exchange core, absorbs the heat transferred from the inner circulating hot air, the temperature rises, and is exhausted from the #2 air outlet.
Internal circulation:Internal circulation: The heat generated by the electronic components and other equipment inside the cabinet raises the internal temperature. The high-temperature gas enters the cabinet heat exchanger through the #3 air inlet, and transfers the heat to the cold air outside the circulation through the heat exchange core and becomes lower The hot gas will re-enter the cabinet from the #4 exhaust port to cool the electronic components and electronic equipment.

High efficiency------The heat exchanger device has low thermal resistance, corrosion resistance, large heat transfer area and high efficiency heat exchange capacity.
Waterproof and dustproof------Closed circulation cooling system, the internal and external air is isolated, effectively isolate the pollution source of the external air, keep the cabinet clean and dry, and the IP level is high.
Reliable operation ------Select high-quality fans, stable and reliable operation, the products have passed strict tests before leaving the factory, and the performance indicators are reliable.
Easy installation------Ultra-thin structure design, compact appearance, convenient installation, installation methods include wall-mounted, embedded, etc.
Easy maintenance ------Few moving parts, long life, maintenance-free.
High emissivity coating technology------Radiant heat conductivity is improved by more than 30%.
Scope of application

It is suitable for CNC system electrical control panels, CNC machining machine tool power panels, communication panels, power panels, server panels, various measuring instruments, electrical power distribution panels and control system panels.

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