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Loop heat-pipe radiator

The loop heat-pipe radiator is a new heat-pipe radiator specially developed, designed and manufactured for high-power IGBT modules. Its unique structure, small size, light weight, large heat dissipation power, high heat transfer efficiency, low cost and maintenance-free compared with siphon heat pipe radiators, are widely used in rail transit traction converters, Military industry, high-power frequency conversion, explosion-proof frequency conversion, SVG, SVC, photovoltaic inverter, wind power conversion, power generation excitation, super-power motor rectification and other fields.
Technical performance


Natural convection cooling power



Fan auxiliary cooling power

3600~20000W,Wind speed:3~8m/s


Applicable ambient temperature



Temperature rise of radiator substrate



Geometric size

The depth of the radiator is177~410mm, and the plate width is determined according to the heat flux distribution and the actual conditions of the user;

Technical characteristics

1. High thermal conductivity
The inside of the heat pipe mainly relies on the vapor and liquid phase change of the liquid medium to transfer heat, and the thermal resistance is small, so it has a high thermal conductivity. Compared with silver, copper, aluminum and other metals, heat pipes per unit weight can transfer several orders of magnitude more heat.
2. Excellent isothermal property
The steam in the heat pipe cavity is in a saturated state, and the pressure drop of the saturated steam flowing from the evaporation section to the condensation section is small, so the heat pipe has excellent isothermal properties.
3. Heat flux variability
The heat pipe can adjust the heating area of the evaporation section or the cooling section by itself, thereby changing the heat flow density, and can solve some heat transfer problems that are difficult to overcome by other methods.
4. Broad applicability
The shape of the heat pipe can be designed according to the environment of the heat source and the cold source, and it can be used on the ground of the gravitational field, and can also be used in the non-gravity field of space.

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