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High emissivity coating radiating

Ultra-high temperature radiation cooling

Acetylene flame temperature:3200℃ Thickness of Infrared ceramic coating:200μm
The burn-through time is extended by 7 times! → The radiation cooling effect is remarkable!

Lower temperature radiation cooling

Lower temperature radiation cooling test device               cooling curve In 600g 85℃ water 22min
Increase in cooling rate: 13%
Cooling temperature difference: 3.5℃

IGBT radiation cooling

Inside IGBT: the temperature drops by 28℃!
Technology of radiating LED

Reduction of LED temperature: 10℃--15℃
Outdoor communication base station

Temperature reduction inside the panel: 5℃ ~8℃! The inner wall of the outdoor cabinet is coated with high emissivity coating
Transformer radiating fins

Reduction of Transformer oil temperature: more than 5℃! After the surface of the transformer fin radiator is coated with a ceramic heat dissipation coating, the heat dissipation effect is significantly improved.

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