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The company passed the national high-tech enterprise certification

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the National "High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Measures", after the expert review of the leading group of high-tech enterprises in Liaoning Province, Liaoning Hetian Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. is recognized as a high-tech enterprise.
This fully shows that our company's independent intellectual property rights, research and development organizational management level, scientific and technological achievements transformation ability, growth indicators and other links are at the leading level in the industry.
The successful certification of high-tech enterprises this time is a full affirmation of our company's technology, management, service level and innovation capabilities by all sectors of society and customers; it is a commendation to all employees for years of hard work and scientific and technological achievements, and will further promote the company's independence The process of innovative research and development is another milestone in the company's development history.

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